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Ljubuski iz zraka

Ljubuški Outdoor Festival

Ljubuski outdoor festival is an event that attracts diverse visitors with its competitive, entertaining, musical and various other contents. It is held in May next to the Kravica waterfall.

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Do you want to explore Ljubuski through bike routes? Use all the possibilities offered by Ljubuški, and for all questions you can always contact the people who know the most about cycling in Ljubuški – cycling club Ljubuški.

Ljubuski iz zraka
Ljubuski iz zraka


Flying in Ljubuški provides top flying pleasure for both XC pilots and recreational pilots who want to enjoy the evening thermals and laminar wind on the slope. For more detailed information you can contact Paragliding Ljubuški.


Ljubuški with a large number of sunny days and beautiful natural running trails such as ponds along Trebižat (embankment / promenade) in Ljubuški field has exceptional ambient values suitable for recreational running and has become known to the wider area as a perfect place for recreational running.

In addition to the magical scenes, the trail is relatively flat along its entire length and has limited obstacles, it is less demanding which makes it ideal for beginners in running. The area of Trebižat, along with the running trail, offers many other opportunities for recreation and living in the beauties of nature available throughout the year.

Ljubuski iz zraka
Ljubuski iz zraka

Canoe safari

Apart from bringing abundance of water to the karst area and giving it life, the river Trebižat is also extremely interesting for adventure on the water. It abounds in great biodiversity and a multitude of plant and animal species, as well as unique travertine barriers in the untouched landscape. The landscape is made even more interesting by the cultivated areas of the field (Ljubuški field), various vegetation covers, etc.

At the very beginning of the canoe ride, the river is quiet and peaceful. But as it gets closer to the estuary, it becomes fast and exciting. In summer, the water temperature can be around 20 degrees, so it is great for swimming. The age limit for canoe safari participants is almost non-existent, so it is suitable for lovers who want adrenaline and those who want relaxation in nature.


Hiking in nature is a recreational activity. Especially among those who spend most of their time sitting in offices, hiking is a natural exercise that promotes physical fitness and is economical. Although hiking requires physical effort, at the same time it brings new energy and enriches the hiker. Hiking also enhances the enjoyment of other activities such as bird watching, nature walks, excursions of all kinds, and even sightseeing.

Vrlosinj with its 954m is the highest peak in the municipality of Ljubuški and a beautiful recreational hiking tour available to all lovers of this type of recreation.

Ljubuski iz zraka
Ljubuski iz zraka

Hercegovina GO!

Experience the beauties of Ljubuški in a unique way – safari through Herzegovina with Pinzgauer off-road vehicles!

The adventurous journey begins in the most attractive place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the Kravica waterfall, after which you visit the Butorovica hill and the medieval town of Ljubuški. Then you visit the old spring called Vodice, Ljubuški field (Plantation), the river Trebižat and the 19th century Austro-Hungarian bridge (Crvengorski). You continue your journey through beautiful landscapes to the monastery of St. Anthony in Humac, where the oldest museum in Bosnia and Herzegovina and two churches from the 19th century are located.

At the end, lunch awaits you at the Čeveljuša picnic area, where you enjoy Herzegovinian specialties. After lunch you return to the Kravica waterfall, through fields of sage, heather and immortelle.